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National Good Samaritan Day is Saturday, March 13 that recognizes the unselfish actions of those who provide help when needed. The day is also known as Good Samaritan Involvement Day and celebrates kindness in all its forms.

The term “good Samaritan” comes from the Bible parable where a Samaritan helped a stranger who had been robbed and beaten and left to die by the side of the road.  The Samaritan not only cleaned the man’s wounds and clothed him, but took him to an inn where he paid for the man’s care.

The term is used today to describe those who perform acts of kindness for those in need, especially those who are strangers.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GoodSamaritanDay

Make an effort to help someone who is struggling or having a problem. Use #GoodSamaritanDay to post on social media.


Our research has found that this day is in honor of the death of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese who was murdered near her home on March 13, 1964, in New York City. For Miss Genovese, had just one good Samaritan stepped forward that night, she may be alive today. Her killer was interrupted two times, each interruption witnessed by neighbors or passersby, but no one called the police. After his third and successful attempt, one person called, but it was too late for Miss Genovese.  The creator of this day was not found. 

20 Nice Things You Should Do on National Good Samaritan Day

By Melissa Kreutz

National Good Samaritan Day – it’s rather self-explanatory – it is the idea of carrying out selfless acts in celebration of kindness. Kindness should always be celebrated! However, I adore the idea of actively seeking out ways to spread joy. I have this belief that we all carry around empty buckets of love, and in order to fill our own, we must fill others. It’s a win-win; we feel good, they feel good – and around we go.

Here’s a list of 20 uncomplicated deeds sure to jump-start your Love Bucket.

  1. Pick up the tab for a stranger; offer to pay for the person behind you in the Starbucks drive through or ask your server if you could pay for the little lady sitting alone.
  2. Write encouraging and hopeful quotes on painted rocks, take a walk and hid them around your neighborhood, on lawns, in parks, at bus stops.
  3. Compliment your cashier.
  4. Let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line.
  5. Donate blood; maybe not painless, but definitely helpful.
  6. Bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbors.
  7. Pick up trash, rather than step over it.
  8. Leave little affirmations in random books at the local bookstore, you never know when someone needs to hear, “You matter”.
  9. On your social media platform, share about a cause you believe in.
  10. Get a jump start on spring cleaning! Clean out your closet and donate to a local charity or half-way house.
  11. Call your mom!
  12. Bring a sandwich and water bottle to a sign holder on the road.
  13. Leave a cookie and a thank you note in your mailbox for your mailman.
  14. Return your shopping cart!!
  15. Leave an anonymous kind note in a gym locker, library book, bathroom stall, etc.
  16. Mail a card to your Bestie, “Just a note to say hello!”
  17. Tape $2 to a vending machine.
  18. Give a meal for a person who needs one.
  19. Donate dog/cat food to your local animal shelter.
  20. Contact your local women’s shelter and ask what is needed – kids often live there too, you can help change lives.

The world can seem daunting; full of darkness with hateful stories and distant strangers. Why not spend the day recognizing and cultivating kindness? It could be exactly what we all need. 

Not just today, let’s commit to being neighborly, everyday; let’s hold doors open, smile in traffic and tip our baristas. One selfless act can unknowingly change lives, or at least set in motion a pattern of paying it forward.

Happy Good Samaritan Day!


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