This is Liam’s Story | Luckily with autism, an early diagnosis can make a huge difference

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By Elizabeth J. Anderson

We often hear and read about Autism, seemingly more so today than at any other time in history.  While its cause is still unknown, many parents have done their own research and made great strides with their children with autism.  Liam is one of those fortunate children whose parents went to great lengths to do everything they could to give him the best life possible, and it appears they have succeeded.

Liam was diagnosed with Moderately Severe Autism at the age of three.  He displayed behaviors such as flapping his hands, spinning in circles, and various repetitive actions or movements (known as stimming), and he was still unable to speak.  For months he had speech therapy and occupational therapy, to no avail.  Like most parents, Colleen and Dan felt lost.  Liam was their first born son, and they wanted him to live a normal, happy, healthy life.  Determination kicked into high gear, and they set out to get their son as close to being cured as possible.

Liam was four in this picture where he was on the cover of Autism Awareness Magazine.

They first tried applied behavioral therapy, which is one on one therapy focused on his ritualistic behaviors.  This seemed to help, but when Colleen began doing her own research she learned about the effects of processed foods, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and genetic mutations.  And then the testing began.  Colleen and Dan learned that Liam was deficient in many vitamins, such as magnesium and zinc.  These minerals play an important role in controlling ADHD symptoms and are critical to healthy brain function.  They also learned he had a genetic mutation (MTHFR gene mutation) which attributes to many ailments, including toxic overload.

While the applied behavioral therapy helped, the major improvements began when his diet was changed.  Colleen worked tirelessly at meal planning, avoiding processed foods, and foods containing dyes.  She used supplements to counteract the vitamin deficiencies, and made certain that everything going into Liam’s little body was healthy.

After supplementing and eating better, Liam came out of his shell.  He began speaking and was released from applied behavior therapy.  Liam was now able to go to a typical preschool with his peers and even started kindergarten at the appropriate age.

Today, Liam is ten years old and thriving with his peers in his sixth grade classroom. He loves sports, and just started track and field this Spring.  He is growing into a very fine young man with a bright future!

The family, now consisting of mom, dad, and three beautiful little boys, continue to this day to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  Colleen learned that every child with autism has unique genetics, causes or triggers.  Her determination gave way to discovering exactly what Liam needed at an early age.  Early intervention is key to helping children with autism and she encourages all parents of children with autism to do their homework, go through the testing, change the diet, get the therapy, and watch your child turn into a happy and healthy human being.

For more information on autism, visit the National Autism Association website at

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