Naming a star is the most original gift in the universe

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Show your mom just how much you care with a specially named star in the night sky

The love a mother provides is endless and unconditional. Show your mom how much you care about the love and support she’s offered throughout the years by naming a star just for her in the Online Star Register.

There’s no better way to immortalize the love you share with your mother than with a one-of-a-kind gift that shines in the night sky. Each unique gift pack comes with the ability to name and date the star, as well as the ability to find your new star in the sky with the breathtaking One Million Stars project and with the OSR Star Finder App. The gift is completely personalized, down to the Mother’s Day-themed gift wrapping.

Every time your mother steps outside, she’ll be reminded of the love you share. As the years roll by and we dream up new and exciting ways to view your star, they will automatically be added to your original gift pack for FREE so she will be able to share her star with friends and loved ones for many years to come.

Look at your own star with a mobile app

Popular Online Star Register launches new Star Finder App

The popular Online Star Register (OSR) has launched a new app with which people can track and follow the star that is named after them with their smartphone. With this Star Finder App, OSR wants to make the special gift of a personal star more visible and tangible. 

People who received a star as a present through OSR can enter a registration code in the app and search for their star in the virtual sky. They receive more information and they can navigate to their star through the universe.

The augmented reality feature makes it possible to aim the iPhone at the sky and let the app point to the exact location of the star in the firmament, both day and night. Stars with a magnitude of 5 or 6 can still be seen with the naked eye. With this app we can make your registered star really visible,” says Sarah West of OSR. 

The ‘pick the best’ feature of the app allows people wherever they are – for example America or Australia – to determine which star can best be seen from their location, and at what time. This can be important if the star is given as a wedding or birthday present, and has to be visible for the recipient on that special date.

The app can be downloaded via the website of OSR or through the App Store. People who have not registered a star can still use the app, for example to watch different constellations. They can also register a star through the app.

The Dutch company allows people from all over the world to give each other a star for special occasions. That star is then registered and named after the recipient, who receives a gift pack.

West says, “Since the start of this millennium, OSR registers stars for people all over the world. Giving a star has become a gift experience with great symbolic and emotional value. The app offers an extra possibility to locate and view stars in a unique way.”

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