Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure

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During my working years I became an authority on “time management.”  I commuted to downtown Chicago and worked long hours.  Also, I was involved in several organizations.  To get everything done, I developed techniques for efficiently utilizing my time.  

Tasks that could be done outside the office, such as planning, writing, editing, reading business materials, etc., were often done in my spare time.  During commuting, at home watching TV, on airplanes, waiting for appointments, etc., I got some things accomplished.  Even while driving, I thought out plans and schedules, created ideas, mulled over decisions, solved problems, etc. 

Many retirees also have busy lives and have trouble finding time for everything they want to get done.  Retirees who have very active lives especially are too busy to do mundane tasks. 

You may not be “working,” per se, but there are some techniques you can use to utilize your “free” time to get busy work done. If I go to the doctor, ride a bus, take a train or do something else where I am likely to have some spare time, I bring along magazines, mail, writing stuff to edit, legal stuff I need to read, and directions and warranties that I need to look at.

Some people spend their extra time deleting emails on their phone, reading/writing text messages, doing Facebook or some other social media, or playing games.  These activities can fill extra time, but it may be better to spend your spare time doing something constructive that you would otherwise have to do at home. 

Whenever you leave home, think about whether you will have some “dead” time somewhere along the way.  Then bring along something you can work on, so you won’t have to do it later.  Best of all, you may get a feeling of accomplishment rather than wasting your precious retirement time just sitting around. 

All opinions, conclusions and recommendations expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the views of The Chronicle. Bill Leavitt is a retired technical writer from Valparaiso and the author of a guidebook to successful and active retirement entitled Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure.  The book may be purchased at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond.  For more information on how to purchase, visit 

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About Bill Leavitt

All opinions, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Chronicle. Bill Leavitt is a technical writer from Valparaiso. After retiring from a large corporation in Chicago, he did technical writing consulting for many companies. He currently teaches part-time at Purdue University Calumet. You can order Leavitt’s book, “Retirement: Life’s Greatest Adventure,” by sending $16.65 (includes shipping and sales tax) made payable to Write On Technical Writing, Inc., P.O. Box 132,Valparaiso, IN 46384-0132. Or, visit for more information.

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