Upsadaisy Market debuts in Downtown Chesterton

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By Kevin Nevers

The Upsadaisy Market has debuted in Downtown Chesterton, and if you’re a rummager of the retro, a connoisseur of curios, then you might want to pay it a visit.

Look for the Upsadaisy from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.; Sunday, Oct. 17, and 24. Then look for it again next spring, when it’ll begin a full season’s run.

The Upsadaisy occupies the same footprint as the European Market does on Saturdays—the parking lot of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce, 220 Broadway, and the pleasant bowers of Thomas Centennial Park—but don’t confuse the one market with the other. That would be like confusing a Frankoma stoneware plate with the caprese salad served on it.

Over the years the European Market has made a regional reputation specializing in fresh-picked vegetables and fruits and groaning tables of rustic comestibles: breads, cheeses, olive oils, honeys, spices, meats. On any given Saturday, of course, it’s host to a fine sampling of crafters, but farm-to-table will always still be its bread-and-butter.

The Upsadaisy, on the other hand, is something else entirely: a curated, juried, and diverse assembly of Northwest Indiana’s fabricators and dealers in the fabricated. Put it this way: the difference between the Upsadaisy and European markets is the difference between the blacksmith and a miller, or between the candlemaker and a beekeeper.

“Upsadaisy features the artisan, spotlights the collector, and celebrates the artist,” says Lisa Wodrich, its creator and organizer. “It’s a shopping experience where guests can find hand-crafted items, oddities, antiques, vintage goods, upcycled objects, and even materials to make their own creations.”

Glassware, bijouterie, furniture, fibers, pottery. Art Deco, Farmhouse Chic, Hogwarts Modern, Garden Gothic, Parlor Impedimenta. From the dainty rococo to the stolid metallurgic, from the patinated to the lacquered, from the lathed to the carved. If you’ve got a place in your home and a yen in your heart for something cool, then the Upsadaisy is where you should hunt for it.

Wodrich likes to think of the Upsadaisy as an upscaled homage to the street fairs and flea markets of the ‘70s and ‘80s. “The Upsadaisy Market is meant to complement the European Market,” she says. “It rounds out the weekend with two different experiences in the same setting.”

Wodrich—a member of the Chesterton Branding Leadership Team—conceived of the Upsadaisy earlier this year, as a way not only of invigorating the Downtown on the typically quiet Sundays during the season, but of shaking off the COVID doldrums: give out-of-towners a good reason to stay overnight Saturday, and then let the rising tide float everyone’s boat. Wodrich, after all, knows her markets: she was the European Market’s first director, when the fledgling enterprise was working hard to put down roots at Broadway and Third Street.

Come for the gorgeous little things but stay for the tunes. For Wodrich the Upsadaisy is meant to be at least as much an event as an emporium, with live music, demonstrations, competitions, and more. The Upsadaisy’s debut on Sept. 25 featured Rosie & the Rivets covering ‘50s and ‘60s dance and this last Sunday’s edition a performance by the Good Clean Fun Band.

And yet there was even more at last Sunday’s Upsadaisy: Rita Thurman of Pixie Smash Forge—one of only two women ever to win an episode of the History Channel’s Forged in Fire—showed off her custom knife-making chops and showed just why, in this age of mass production, some folks will always prefer the handwrought, painstaking, and rare.

     Visit the Upsadaisy and discover your next favorite masterpiece. For more information or to become a vendor, please visit

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